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Tremor (2)

Дискография Tremor (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Split 16 audio iTunes 2002 Neuf Noir Records
2 Tremor + Erziehung / Ovo 7" Split 5 audio iTunes 2004
3 Backstreet Punk 2 audio iTunes Not On Label
4 Psychiatry Kills! 3 audio iTunes 2003 XV Parówek
5 Split 17 audio iTunes 2001-06-00 Trash Tapes
6 Split 4 audio iTunes 2001 Pure Fucking Chaos Recordings
7 Split 2 audio iTunes 2001 Cold-Coffein-Addict Records
8 Split 28 audio iTunes 2000 Cold-Coffein-Addict Records
9 Nihiiilüsm 21 audio iTunes Smell The Stench
10 Sounds For Dead Eyes 5 audio iTunes Smell The Stench
11 Psychatry Kills! 3 audio iTunes Cold-Coffein-Addict Records
12 Conservate Conservatives 5 audio iTunes 2004 Cold-Coffein-Addict Records
13 The Gothic Years Vol. 1 7 audio iTunes Cold-Coffein-Addict Records
14 The Banality Of Evil Strikes Again - Split 9 audio iTunes Rarefazioni Uterine

based in jena / east-germany, the project tremor started sound and noise experiments in 1999. already supporting d.i.y. scene and labels tremor did first trades w/ aleXdee of trash tapes and xotox of neuf noir records...

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