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Nick Eziefula

Также известно как: Essa, Young Gun, Yungun aka Essa
Группа в интернете: http://www.janomi.co.uk, http://www.ynr-productions.co.uk, http://www.myspace.com/yungunmusic

Дискография Yungun:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Bachelors Anthem 4 audio iTunes 2003 Not On Label
2 The Big Idea 7 audio iTunes 2004-04-19 Canteen
3 Push / Spit Fire 4 audio iTunes 2004 Janomi
4 The Essance 15 audio iTunes 2004 Janomi
5 Dancing Shoes / Reverse Psychology 5 audio iTunes 2003 Janomi
6 Forget Me Not 6 audio iTunes 2006-07-31 Silent Soundz
7 Jackin 4 Breaks 5 audio iTunes 2006-03-20 Silent Soundz
8 Grown Man Business 11 audio iTunes 2006 Silent Soundz
9 Forget Me Not 3 audio iTunes 2006 Silent Soundz
10 Accident Causer 2 audio iTunes 2007 moomusound
11 The Misadventures Of A Middle Man 12 audio iTunes 2014-05-06 First Word Records

Yungun a.k.a. Essa was born in North London where he lives and works today. He began his musical career as a host and MC on pirate radio station Parlay in Harrow during the mid 1990s. There he formed the group Dupa Styles with fellow MC Devise. The duo began making noise on the fiercely competitive open mic circuit at spots across London, forging an alliance with other emerging MCs such as Ricochet (Universal Soldiers) and Jargon (MI5, Natural Born Spittaz). In 1998 Yungun made contact with Harry Love (Kung Fu, Formerly of Scratch Perverts) who began to play the vital role of Dupa Styles DJ/Producer. Whilst still recording with the group, Yungun began a solo career, appearing on projects by LG & Lopez ("City Breaks"), Evil Ed ("The Art of Celebration") Doc Brown ("Out There") and Tommy Evans ("Four Horsemen", "Silent Mobius"). His affiliation with the Low Life Records collective led to appearances on the "Food" LP (the Harry Love produced "That’s What Eye see") and on the remix of Jehst’s “Adventures in New Bohemia”. Much of his work with the YNR Productions camp is featured on the label’s compilation album "Young N Restless Vol. 1". Yungun, now also known as Essa, is set to make big noise this year on solo projects featuring production by Harry Love, Lewis Parker, Mr. Thing, and Ben Grymm

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