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Dutch Ambient Federation

Elke Kilzer & Hennie Vredeveldt

Члены группы Dutch Ambient Federation: Henny V., Miss Elke K.

Дискография Dutch Ambient Federation:

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The Dutch Ambient Federation was founded in 1993 by DJ Hennie V. and Djane Elke K. Since then it has become a well-known collective to host chill-out rooms all over the country and abroad. Their unique approaches of combining DJ set and live performances on various analog drummachines and synthesizers proved successful. As a high point of their career they were asked to perform in the Chill Out room of the German Mayday raves in 1995 and 1996. When performing on a rave or party they usually take you on an all night lasting journey of relaxation and hypnotic dance. Since 1993 they also support ambient music on a daily basis by selling a broad collection of classic and new ambient releases in their Dance Drugstore in Arnhem, Netherlands. In 1997 a CD compilation "Utopia – The Big Chill" was compiled and mixed by both members to present an overview of their personal favorites. Because of the fact that Hennie and Elke also like making classic acid and electro beats they also founded the [a=Dutch Acid Federation] to perform a more up-tempo dancable sound.

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