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Группа в интернете: http://djzleite.iuma.com, http://zebox.com/djzleite/#, http://www.idnmusic.com/bands/djzleite.html, http://www.starpolish.com/artists/details.asp?ID=10317, http://stage.vitaminic.com/djzleite2, http://www.songramp.com/homepage.ez?Who=Djzleite, http://www.mpulse.com/martist.asp?aID=6054, http://music.mp3lizard.com/Djzleite/, http://www.mp3machine.com/database/artist/rec/1012/, http://www.emergentmusic.com/searchresults.jsp?terms=Djzleite&criteria=4, http://www.skoolhouse.com/affiliates/affhome.cfm?AffiliateID=739, http://www.mp3aa.com/hiphop.htm, http://www.hiphophotspot.com/featured_artists/view_featured_artist.asp?featured_artist_id=358, http://music.globalbeatz.net/dj-mix-mp3/3541d/Djzleite/Djzleite, http://www.electromancer.com/artist.php?id=b0828b5e86, http://www.electrobel.be/artists.php?action=profil&user=522&PHPSESSID=fd830b83c0a8c32c281ccd6bcd7ea51b

Дискография Djzleite:

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Artist-Group Djzleite Real name José Leite Born September 5 1968, Portugal- Porto. Started Breakin in 83, doing some mixing experiencies, colecting electro vinyl. When Commodore Amiga 500 came out started to use it for sampling and sequencing, great machine for that time. Now using madtracker to produce my own beats. In december 2003 got my first cut on vinyl, a dream that came true ... Some essential sites: www.electroalliance.net www.electroempire.com www.twistedhardware.com Special thanks to roulette rekordz for making this possible, long live roulette.

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