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Chopper Black

John "Chopper" Black

Также известно как: "Chopper" Black, Chopper Clack, John "Chopper" Black, John (Chopper) Black

Дискография Chopper Black:

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From Paula Abdul to Yanni and Bobby Z, as well as hundreds of artist in between, John “Chopper” Black brings over forty years of experience. As a Musician, Producer and Audio Engineer, Chopper’s extensive knowledge in Recording Studios, Audio Recording, Music Production, TV and Radio Advertising, Live Performance and Live Sound, inspires his passion in the mentoring of students in the arts of Music Production and Recording. He has worked with many of the major record labels such as Virgin, Capital, MCA, Motown, and Warner Brothers, just to name a few. Chopper has multiple Gold and Platinum Records to his credits.

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