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Alex Makee

Alexander Schwirtz

Дискография Alex Makee:

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Alex was born 1981 in Munich / Germany. His first contact with electronic music was in the age of 13 with Thunderdome (Hardcore). With the age of 17 he begann to play with records and with 18 year's he had his first own decks. He performing on several after hours, his style was hardly influneced by trance, but this changed in the following months. The first club gig was in the summer of 2002. In Oktober 2002 he started to produce and founded his own label "Exotoxic Records" with releases by Arkus P., Mhonolog, Waldhaus, Tony Slicer and many more. His first production on Exotoxic Records was released in September 2003 (puninsh me hard). In November 2003 he founded the Sublabel of Exotoxic Records: "Annihilated Productions". In 2004 he played on several famous clubs in Europe. In 2005 he founded the Label "Subway 7", his new Minimalistic building site. The first release will be produced by himself and called "Mit neuen Ohren hören".

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