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Iggy Ignotius

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/iggyignotius, http://www.iggyignotius.com

Дискография Iggy Ignotius:

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'Manhandled' by Ann Arbor MI native Jay Bodley, Iggy Ignotius is a sound. A sound only a computer can make. Based firmly in hiphop (raised on NWA, Wu Tang, Nas, Dr Dre and Gang Starr), Bodley boldly pushes for new ground, breeding traditional rap beats with IDM glitches, blips, bleeps and the occasional sped up tempo. One person, after hearing some beats of his said "So you do mostly electro stuff?" Baffled, the answer was a timid: "I guess." Under his belt, production-wise, are the Intricate Dialect album "Periods," on which Iggy is credited as 'conductor,' and Tenacity & S.A.'s "Blunt Raps," which was exclusively produced by Iggy. "Periods" was a collaboratory effort between the himself and ID and is an experiment in blending Thelemic philosophy, electro and rap. The latter is a battle-rap masterpiece, with Iggy's 'electro' hip hop beats providing a very unique canvas for Tenacity & S.A.'s hilarious punchlines. The album most definitely stands out against others in the genre. To learn more about Iggy Ignotius, or to donate money to his campaign or become a member of the Iggy Ignotius 'Knight of Wands' fanclub, please visit iggyignotius.com

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