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Группа в интернете: http://twitter.com/ColinsCity, http://www.youtube.com/ColinsCity, http://www.facebook.com/ColinsCity, http://www.instagram.com/ColinsCity

Дискография Colin:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Için Herkes - Single 2 audio iTunes 2014-01-11 Colin
2 İçin Herkes (DJ Rabbit Remix) - Single 4 audio iTunes 2014-02-01 Colin
3 Için Herkes (God Almighty Edition) 4 audio iTunes 2014-04-18 Colin
4 Güneşin Tadını Çıkar/Enjoy The Sun 4 audio iTunes 2014-05-06 Colin
5 Tonight It's Halloween (Midnight Edition) - Single 2 audio iTunes 2013-10-23 Colin
6 Jack O Fener (Remixes) 5 audio iTunes 2013-10-20 Colin
7 Tricked The Treat 9 audio iTunes 2013-10-17 Colin
8 STFU (Remixes) 8 audio iTunes 2013-05-11 Colin
9 Güneşin Tadını Çıkar (DJ Rabbit Versiyon) - Single 2 audio iTunes 2014-04-20 Colin Muzik Produksiyon
10 Come And Find Me/Gel Ve Beni Bulmak 10 audio iTunes 2014-06-20 Colin Muzik Produksiyon
11 Power Of The Soul 12 audio iTunes 2014-07-15 Horus Music Distribution
12 Enjoy The Sun (Summer Version) 3 audio iTunes 2014-07-20 Horus Music Distribution
13 Enjoy The Sun (Güneşin Tadını Çıkar Summer Edition) 8 audio iTunes 2014-07-26 Colin Muzik Produksiyon
14 Power Of The Soul (Remixed) 9 audio iTunes 2014-08-12 Colin Muzik Produksiyon
15 Think About Me 5 audio iTunes 2014-08-30 Colin Muzik Produksiyon
16 Enjoy The Sun (God's Revenge Edition) 4 audio iTunes 2014-09-08 Colin Muzik Produksiyon
17 Power Of The Soul (Ekstra Zaman) 6 audio iTunes 2014-09-10 Colin Muzik Produksiyon

Colin, Born in County Tipperary, Ireland. Colin has released 2 Albums, 4 Singles and 3 EP's as of May 2014 with more releases scheduled for the next six months. Colin is an english speaking singer with a penchant for turkish music which has led to him recording some of his songs in turkish. In January 2014, Colin released his first turkish only single, it is his only single to have been released so far that has no english version, and there are 4 different versions of this song, all versions are different, the last version was released in Mid April as an EP with two different versions and two club mixes accompanying. In May 2014, Colin released a double single called Güneşin Tadını Çıkar/Enjoy The Sun and two weeks later released his current single Güneşin Tadını Çıkar (DJ Rabbit Verisyon) All releases are available to purchase on most online music stores.

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