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Keith McIvor

Keith McIvor

Также известно как: K. Mavor, Keith Optimo Espacio, McIvor

Дискография Keith McIvor:

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One half of [a=Optimo (2)] (or Optimo (Espacio) to give it its full name) in the Sub Club (Glasgow) alongside partner [a=Jonnie Wilkes] and former resident DJ at the legendary Pure in Edinburgh. Renowned for his eclecticism and exceptional mixing skills. Slightly confusingly he is also half of a production duo called [a=Optimo (Espacio)] though this is a pairing with [a=Dave Clark (7)] and not [a=Jonnie Wilkes] of [a=Optimo (2)] Currently running [l=Optimo Music]. Was also behind the now defunct labels [l=Pi Recordings] and [l=T&B Vinyl]. Nowadays more prolific than ever with mixes for [l=Tigersushi]'s [l=Kill The DJ Records], [l=Eskimo Recordings], [l=Endless Flight], [l=R & S Records] and [l=Fabric (London)] and productions under an ever increasing list of aliases.

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