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D Peter J

Pedro Vilas Boas

Также известно как: D. Peter J, D.Peter.J
Группа в интернете: http://www.time2trance.com/artists.htm#dpeterj

Дискография D Peter J:

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Pedro Vilas Boas aka D.Peter.J, born in 1970, is a Portuguese trance/house producer & old-skool DJ, with almost 20 years on production, remixes and live-acts. His influences came from: breakdance, funk, early 80s euro-dance, house, acid, techno and trance. As part of the Portuguese trance band called "The Ozone", he released several of their own themes and remixes of other artists. In the latest years he released several trancey house themes of his own and as part of house project "Old Skool Split". He also taught on many dance music MIDI and audio training courses. In 2006 he founded his own label, Time2Trance. He is one of founders of the Portuguese club/disco tour called Jump4Trance, specialised in spreading uplifting trance in Portugal. His DJing appearances restarted in September 2007.

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