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Ervin Green

Также известно как: Erv Green

Дискография Ervin Green:

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Born in Detroit, Erv spent his youth familiarizing himself with his father's extensive collection of soul, funk, and r&b 45's. As witness to the coming of a new urban expressive artform known as hip-hop, Erv unknowingly submerged himself in its culture. Many years later as a student at Michigan State University he began to frequent local open mics and purchased a pair of 1200's, a sampler and a MC 303. It was also during this time period that Erv was invited, by his longtime friend Scott, to join the then new Jonathan Williams Quartet (JWQ) as its MC. With JWQ Erv learned the nuances of music production and live performance, opening up for acts like Groove Collective, Greyboy Allstars, James Taylor Quartet and De La Soul. As a side project Erv, along with 4 other local MC talents, began the hip-hop crew Sinekwanon. With his stint at MSU up Erv returned home to the Metro Detroit area and opened Heavy Rotation Records, all the while he DJed parties and began to focus more on music production. Upon his return, Erv became reaquainted with Kero, an old classmate who was making a name for himself in Detroit and abroad as a DJ/Producer. "Kero introduced me to the new sounds of the Detroit underground experimental eclectronic scene and my music was never the same." It was on Kero's CFC Windsor/Detroit album put out by Shitkatapult that Erv released "Floating in the Silence" his first published track. Today you can find Erv on the Wayne State University campus with laptop in hand bangin out music which he likes to say is "rooted in hip-hop and those old soul 45's.

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