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Mark Cooley

Группа в интернете: http://art-design.smsu.edu/cooley

Дискография Mark Cooley:

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Mark Cooley (1972) is an audio-visual artist interested in new genre and forms of art making. Mark's early interests in improvisational music and stream of consciousness writing peeked with his founding involvement in Verbs, an experimental trio exploring the boundaries of Jazz and Rock forms in a highly improvisational format. After the disbanding of Verbs, Mark focused much of his energies studying various folk music from around the world, particularly, finger picking guitar styles from early 20th century America. More recently, Mark's interests have grown to embrace composition, audio engineering and soundtrack production. Mark has presented and performed his audio works, either as solo works or in the context of video and installation, at various international exhibitions and festivals including Immedia: Annual Digital Arts Exhibition and NWEAMO: Annual International Electroacoustic Music Festival.

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