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Thomas Dietl

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/tomzenproducer

Дискография Tomzen:

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"Tomzen" is probably best known for his creative sound design work on diffrent productions. Besides his upcomming Solo Album He´s currently working on a huge Tripple A computer game title: " Kane & Lynch : Dead men " after finishing his work on the games: "Hitman BloodMoney" and "Hitman Contracts." He has also worked Feature Films and Ducomentry behind the mixer and as boom operator. Tomzen aka "Thomas Wilhelm Dietl Pedersen" grew up in the world of sound and music through his father (a known Scandinavian composer) He started out as a drummer working with different progressive groups such as U.R.D on Virgin Records Denmark. Today he´s out on CD and vinyl on mixed labels With his own (and others) music. In 2002, he composed the score for a Danish movie called Anja Efter Victor. Tomzen is currently signed on for Music for Dreams (Denmark) as a producer. He has also worked on commercial movies,happenings,shows,and theatre.

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