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Tebogo Shumba

Также известно как: Teba Shumba, Theba
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/tebashumba

Дискография Teba:

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Born and bred in the township of Gugulethu near Cape Town and sometimes known as [b]Original Social Worker[/b], [b]The Shepherd[/b], or [b]Mr. Shumba[/b], Teba is a reggae singer/musician now based in the Mother City itself. He started recording in 1996 with a kwaito group called [b]Skeem[/b], winning a 1997 SAMA (South African Music Award) for "Best Township Pop" with their debut song "Waar Was Jy?" in 1997. Signed to [b]Ghetto Ruff[/b], the band went on to provide the soundtrack for a TV series called "Yizo Yizo". Mr. Shumba's first solo outing, "20-5-2-1 Manifesto", was released in 2004.

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