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Tim Parr

Также известно как: Parr

Дискография Tim Parr:

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South African axeman [b]Tim Parr[/b] first cut his musical teeth in the late seventies with local blues/rock band [b]Baxtop[/b] under the leadership of [b]Larry Amos[/b] before forming pop/rock band [a=Ella Mental] in 1984 together with future ex-wife [b]Heather McDermott[/b]. They had a good run of chart success before departing for Ireland in 1986, spending some seven years abroad. Upon returning home, he was part of the [b]Zap Dragons[/b] in the early nineties, released his solo rock/township jive album, "Still Standing", in 1996 and therafter formed trance/rock/reggae outfit [a=Colourfields] in 1997. Mr. Parr also runs "Front Ear Studios", with a door adjoining that of [l=African Dope Records].

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