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Norma Loy

Члены группы Norma Loy: Anne F, Chelsea (3), Christian Dezert, Christine (16), Fred Scavone, Guillaume (10), Hervé Scavone, LOL (5), M.A Sassi, Michel Lecamp, Mika Chrome, Stéphane Pigneul, Yann Reversat
Группа в интернете: http://normaloy.free.fr, http://www.myspace.com/normaloy

Дискография Norma Loy:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Psychic Altercation 4 audio iTunes 1984 CPM Records
2 Attitudes 13 audio iTunes 1991
3 Rebirth 12 audio iTunes 1990
4 Psychic Altercation / Rewind 11 audio iTunes 1988
5 Romance 4 audio iTunes 1983
6 Rewind / T-Vision 11 audio iTunes 1986
7 Sacrifice 9 audio iTunes 1988
8 Sacrifice / T-Vision 15 audio iTunes 1988
9 82 / 84 12 audio iTunes 1989
10 L'Homme À La Moto 2 audio iTunes 1988
11 Rebirth 10 audio iTunes 1990
12 Heart Of The Sun 2 audio iTunes 1991
13 Open Your Mind 17 audio iTunes 1997 Datcha
14 Sacrifice 10 audio iTunes 1988
15 Live At Atheneum 87 13 audio iTunes 1987 CPM Records
16 82 / 84 10 audio iTunes 1989
17 Sacrifice 15 audio iTunes 2006-08-28 Infrastition
18 Sacrifice 26 audio iTunes CPM Records
19 Message From The Dead 35 audio iTunes 2009-05-00 Vinyl-on-demand
20 Rewind / T-Vision 18 audio iTunes 2009 Infrastition
21 Un\Real 13 audio iTunes 2009 Infrastition
22 The Rebirth 36 audio iTunes 2007 CPM Records
23 Rebirth 10 audio iTunes 1990
24 Attitudes 13 audio iTunes 1991
25 Power Of Spirit 2 audio iTunes 1988 Just In Distribution
26 Interview 1992 4 audio iTunes 1992 Déclic Communication
27 Un\Real 13 audio iTunes 2009-07-20 Infrastition
28 Sacrifice 9 audio iTunes 1988 Just In Distribution

Usher (aka Anthon Shield) and Chelsea (aka Reed 013) met in 1977. They published books, organised exhibitions and performances and started up music with the band "Metal Radiant" (noise punk and Stooges’ spirit), then with "Coit Bergman" (more electronic and influenced by Suicide). In 1981 they formed "Norma Loy" (Alan Vega himself gave them the name), around which evolved different musicians. The band was connected to the french fanzine New Wave which set up a label, and launched a first EP called "Norma Loy". In 1984, the band created their own label, CPM, wich developed and centralised all of the band different activities (musical and non musical: (photo)graphics, literature, video, dance etc... and manage all artistic production (recordings, artworks, sleeves...). In 1986, Norma Loy included Buto dance and performed with the Fovea group and Sumako Koseki. Concerts were then conceived as multi-media performances, mixing musicians and dancers, videos and pictures. 1991/1992 were years of several changes (musicians, record and publishing companies...), and in 1993 Norma Loy decided to suspend their activities. Usher and Chelsea colaborated again on one-off projects such as making music for films as well as with the band "Peep Hole", or the project "Dyna". Usher also continued music on solo with his band "Die Puppe". In 2006, Norma Loy reforms for a couple of live shows, until a brand new album was released in 2009. Current line-up includes Chelsea (vocals), Usher (keyboards, vocals), Hervé Scavonne (bass guitar), Mika Chrome (guitars), Guillaume Labaume (drums) and Helene (Buto dance).

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