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Dave Burgess

Также известно как: Burges, Burgess, Burgess - Dave, Burgess-Dave, D Burgess, D. Burges, D. Burgess, D.Burgess, Dave Burges

Дискография Dave Burgess:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Are You Teasing Me / Without You 2 audio iTunes 1961 Challenge
2 Lovey Dovey Baby / I Hang My Head And Cry 2 audio iTunes 1958 Challenge
3 The Lost '60s Recordings 18 audio iTunes 2003 Varèse Sarabande
4 Untitled 4 audio iTunes Tops Records

Dave Burgess, born in Lancaster, California, was the guitarist for [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Champs%2C+The]The Champs[/url], who had a #1 US/#5 UK hit with the mexican-tinged, saxophone-based instrumental [i]Tequila[/i]. He has also worked as a sessionmusician and he was a songwriter before he joined [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Champs%2C+The]The Champs[/url], most notably penning the hit [i]I'm Available[/i] for [a=Margie Rayburn] in 1957, which reached #9 in the U.S. the same year.

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