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Jonny Jansson, Tuukka Jääskeläinen

Члены группы Tripteaser: Jonny Jansson, Tuukka Jääskeläinen
Группа в интернете: http://www.solarians.org/, http://www.myspace.com/tripteaser

Дискография Tripteaser:

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Originating from Finland, the psytrance duo Tripteaser was established in 2002 by 1984-born Jonny Jansson and Tuukka Jääskeläinen. They had met two years before and had already begun cooperating as fellow producers, creating all styles of electronic music. They both had a history in making music with tracker programs on the computer and even visual art. While Jonny only has former experience in computer music, Tuukka has played different instruments and was a keyboardist in a metal band. They also have a downtempo sideproject called Solarians, which has already released on Com.pact Records (Israel). By the end of 2002 the guys had their first actual live performance in Austria which they did with trackers on two computers, jamming fully live.

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