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OBA Frank Lord

Frank Lords

Также известно как: "OBA" Frank Lord, Frank Martin Lords, O.F. Lord's, OBA, Oba "Frank" Lords, Oba 'Frank Lord's, OBA Frank Lord's, Oba Frank Lords, Oba Franks Lords, Oba' Frank Lord's, Oba' Frank Lords, Oba' Frank Lords', Oba' Franke Lords, Oba-Frank Lords, Wondertwins

Дискография OBA Frank Lord:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Afrika: The Drum 2 audio iTunes 2003-11-01 Sondos
2 Personal Jesus 2 audio iTunes Not On Label
3 Personal Jesus 7 audio iTunes 2004
4 Rumble 7 audio iTunes 2011-03-07 Monitor Sound Recordings
5 Dark Beat (Addicted To Drums) 2 audio iTunes 2014-03-21 Nervous Records

Alternatively named OBA Frank Lords or just Frank Lords. Vocalist, percussionist and producer. Cuban born, Oba’s background is rather extensive. Since the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Oba has been professionally involved in music. Though from childhood, his spiritual background also had a major influence over Oba’s musical direction. Oba’s never ending love for Latin dance music took him through the disco era working for such legends as Henry Stone (TK Records), played for Celi Bee and recorded on the disco hit “Miami Heatwave”. Later on, Oba formed Secret Society in the 80’s and went on to become Miami’s leading dance group with 8 charted hits. He also collected hits from groups like Genuine Parts, Loc Sucios, Merci-Mercy, Hush Hush and a slew of Miami groups called upon his helping hand from time to time. Oba in the 1990’s continued to produce and remix records of his own as well as other acts with his own production company and recording studio. A more recent chart success was with Afro house group Dogma as their lead vocalist and lead percussionist on their two Billboard hits “Mas Suave” and “Ritmo Cubano”. Then after forming LatinXpress, Oba went on to score chart success with his first release “Descarga” on Billboard’s Dance chart. His most recent hit “Chango” which is a collaboration with his new partner Albert “Adam” Camara and the vocals of legendary Afro singer Gina Martin has taken Oba and LatinXpress to a new level. “Chango” has swept the clubs of the U.S. and abroad charting #1 and gaining the attention of renowned artists such as Ricky Martin to the point in which now Oba and Albert’s production team are remixing and producing tracks for Ricky Martin and even his own producer Robi “Draco” Rosa for their own releases. Oba feels that now the world will soon appreciate the sound and spirituality he adds so lovingly to his music and surely you will be hearing much more from LatinXpress and the Obadam production/remix team.

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