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Sundragon, The

Также известно как: Sundragon, Sundragon aka "Tom Hagen"
Группа в интернете: http://www.ynr-productions.co.uk

Дискография Sundragon, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Path / Watching 6 audio iTunes 2003 YNR Productions

The Sundragon aka Supa T aka Django Van Helsing, is the MC's MC, the rapper's rapper. Employing dense lyrical imagery and intricate flows, The Sundragon commands every track he appears on. This London native is a long established icon of the UK scene who made his debut on wax back in 98 on the early Lowlife release, "High Times." Since then The Sundragon has appeared on numerous tracks on mixtape (DJ MK)and vinyl, in particular forming a deadly partnership with producer/MC extrodinaire Lewis Parker lacing his two classic albums with heavy verses on "1000 Fragments" ("Masquerades & Silhouettes,"Virgin/Melankholic, 1998) and "Movement & Rythym" and "Seasons Of Espionage" ("It's All Happening Now,"Virgin/Melancholic, 2002). The Sundragon was also a pivotal member of the now defunct Hip hop supergroup The Champions Of Nature alongside UK stalwarts Jehst, Apollo, AM, Profound, Lewis Parker and L-Dolo. The Con-Artists released three heavy EPs in 2000 with the Sundragon tearing up "The Fuck Off Song", "Finalisation", "Salsa Smurf" and "Jazzy Styles"; the latter two tracks being re-released by Wordplay. The Sundragon won further acclaim for his appearance with Jehst and Kyza on the Harry Love produced joint "It's All Live" (Stonegroove, 2001) where he "surfed tsunamis on a killer whale!" In 2003 YNR Productions had the honour of releasing The Sundragon's long awaited debut solo 12". With long time collaborator Lewis Parker taking control of production, this rhyme scientist "breathes fire till the earth is done" on "The Path" while he teams up with rising stars Klashnekoff and Kyza (of Terra Firma) for the tense urban paranoia of "Watching". These two tracks are taken from the YNR compilation CD, "Young 'N' Restless Volume 1", where you can also hear The Sundragon getting aggy alongside Farma G, Jehst and Skriblah on the Cee*Why produced banger "Seein' Red". Keep watching for more Sundragon appearances in the future.

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