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Carl Brown

Дискография Carl Brown:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл

Vocalist Appearing in 90's [a=Lightning Seeds] releases Please consider using other [b]Carl Brown[/b] profiles: [b][a=Carl Brown (2)]: Hip hop songwriter - producer - label exeutive, active since the 90's[/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (3)]: Jazz Bassist[/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (4)]: Engineer - producer credited in punk releases of [l=Retch Records][/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (5)]: Electronic music composer from East Anglia[/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (6)]: Guitarist, appearing credited in a 1989 [a=Suns Of Arqa] release[/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (7)]: Jamaica reggae singer[/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (8)]: Member of the alt.rockers [a=Wave Machines][/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (9)]: U.K. Guitarist - producer - engineer from Sheffield, member of [a=Laruso][/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (10)]: Member of [a=Osaka Popstar][/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (11)]: Photographer[/b] [b][a=Carl Brown (12)]: Metal bassist with [a=Monolith (13)][/b]

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