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Blue Weaver

Derek John Weaver

Также известно как: B Weaver, B. Weaver, B.Weaver, D. Weaver, Dave Cousins, Derek Weaver, Д. Уивер, M. Weaver, Waever, Weaver
Группа в интернете: http://www.blueweaver.com/, http://www.strawbsweb.co.uk/hist/weaver.asp

Дискография Blue Weaver:

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British keyboards player (b. March 11th, 1947, Cardiff, Wales). A founder member of "Amen Corner" and its successor "Fair Weather", Weaver replaced Rick Wakeman in "Strawbs" when the latter left to join "Yes". He left "Strawbs" in 1973, and toured with "Mott the Hoople" in the US tour. Queen were their support act. He also appeared with the "Streetwalkers" and session work followed, including "Pet Shop Boys" or "Bee Gees" (including "Saturday Night Fever").

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