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DJ Twinz

Также известно как: DJ Twin, DJ Twins, Twinz, Twinz, The
Члены группы DJ Twinz: Raymond Grant, Richard Grant (4)

Дискография DJ Twinz:

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The Brooklyn natives, Raymond and Richard Grant, comprise the seminal act DJ Twinz. They have appeared before sell-out crowds and on world tours before they were of voting age or even licensed to drive. The list of marquee performers across urban, metal, R&B and pop that the two have variously opened for, produced, or contributed reflects a multi-platinum discography and record of landmark concert tours that few, if any, urban music artists have ever equaled. Among them: DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will "the Fresh Prince" Smith, Jay-Z, Limp Bizkit, Madonna, Everclear, Redman, G-Unit, Funkmaster Flex, and the deeply missed Lisa Lopez.

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