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Ivan Vandor

Также известно как: I. Vandor, Iwan Vandor, L. Vandor, Vandor

Дискография Ivan Vandor:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Una Spirale Di Nebbia (Original Soundtrack) 2 audio iTunes 1977 Cinevox
2 Oedipus Orca / La Orca / Una Spirale Di Nebbia (Original Soundtracks) 44 audio iTunes 2011 Digitmovies
3 Andremo In Cittа (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 24 audio iTunes 2011 Saimel Bandas Sonoras
4 Nudi Per Vivere (Original Soundtrack) 17 audio iTunes 1964-05-18 Cam
5 Mademoiselle De Sade E I Suoi Vizi 13 audio iTunes 2003 CAM

Born in Hungary in 1932 he moved to Rome in 1938. At the age of 6 he studied violin and at 8 piano and composition. In his teens he was a professional Jazz Sax player. In 1959 he graduated in Composition with [a776673] at the Santa Cecilia Conservatory of Music in Rome. The following year he studied in Paris with Max Deutsch. Back in Italy he attended the post-graduate courses taught by [a776673] at the Santa Cecilia Academy of Music. In 1961 he was awarded the first prize of the International Competition of the SIMC - the first of many other important international recognitions. In 1971 he earned his Master Degree in Ethnomusicology at the University of California in Los Angeles, followed up with a research in the Himalaya regions on the music of the Tibetan Buddhism. Member Performer of the [a146775] and [a109662] (MEV) together with [a177581] and [a32211] among others. He succeeded [a945358] as Chair of the International Institute for Comparative Music Studies of Berlin, staying in charge until 1983, taking over the "Scuola Interculturale di Musica" in Venice. Vice-president of the Italian Society of Ethnomusicology; visiting Professor in Composition at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Furthermore, he has held many conferences and seminars; been a member of several international Juries, including the Kyoto Prize. Author of the book "La Musique du Bouddhisme Tibétain" (Paris, Buchet/Chastel, 1977); his articles and compositions are edited by BMG Ariola, Edipan, Edizioni Suvini-Zerboni and Ricordi. Since 1983 he taught Composition at the Conservatories "G. B Martini" of Bologna and "S. Cecilia" of Rome.

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