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Wanda Rash

Wanda L. Rash

Дискография Wanda Rash:

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Wanda was drafted into Zapp in 1981 as a background vocalist before [a=Shirley Murdock] joined the group. She toured with Zapp for five years and is the co-lead vocalist on the song "Girl, Cut It Out" from [a=Roger Troutman]'s 1984 album "The Saga Continues" (the single editions of "Girl, Cut It Out" feature Shirley Murdock). Currently Wanda works as a high energy solo artist and teaches music at the Dayton Band Music Store on North Main. In 1991 she released her first hit single "Are You Ready" with Epic Records, which also appears on [a=Z'Looke]'s album "My Desire". Wanda has worked with other artists such as [a=Bootsy Collins], [a=Ohio Players], [a=Slave], [a=Lakeside], [a=Heatwave], members of [a=Sun (7)] and with [a=Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers].

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