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Maurice Commander

Maurice D. Commander

Также известно как: Commander, M. Commader, M. Commander, Maurice "Mantavani" Commander, Maurice "Matavani" Command, Maurice "Matavani" Commander, Maurice 'Matavani' Commander
Группа в интернете: http://themoeq.webstarts.com/draft/moamperpublishing.html?r=20121212230343

Дискография Maurice Commander:

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Maurice D. Commander is current partner in Lu-Cor Music Co. with Jerline O. Shelton. Maurice, Jerline and her twin sister Sherline (fomerly the Honey Duo Twins, and The Identicals) arranged, wrote, produced, performed, published, and distributed much of their music. Maurice signed to Curtom Records as a composer and songwriter where he met Jerline and Sherline. Later, all three went on to become writers, producers and performers with Clarence Johnson for Brighter Side of Darkness, Patti and The Lovelites, The Imaginations, Coffee, Starvue, Morris Jefferson, and more. Following a business partnership with Luck Cordell until the mid 1980s, Maurice and Jerline continued their partnership by establishing and placing all of their music compositions under Lu-Cor Music Co. There catalog is available for preview and licensing at The MO Amper Sounds Publishing which is operated by his son--James Commander.

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