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Члены группы Shakespace: Jeremy Kolosine

Дискография Shakespace:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 This Sleeping Heart 12 audio iTunes 2001 No Phase Records
2 Shakespace 16 audio iTunes 1998 No Phase Records
3 Air Sign Orange 7 audio iTunes 2000-02-22

The Blue Ridge was an unlikely place to find a band like Shakespace. Their sound was a mixture of heavy melodic guitars and ambient synths, with both male and female vocals.Experimentalism blended with rock sensibilities, to create a sound located somewhere between the two. Shakespace began forming in early '96, with Jeremy Kolosine, Martin Bensinger and Ian Lloyd recording 6 songs with Chuck Crush in Roanoke,VA. A few months later Michelle Ferguson would join, and the live Shakespace was now possibile. Many shows later,they recorded their 1st full-length CD. Released In 1998, the self titled debut album was a space rock, lo-fi collection recorded in Chapel Hill,NC and Roanoke and was released on their own No Phase Records label. Throughout the late 90's, Shakespace would also co-host the 'No Phase' shows, multi-media art and music events in which artists and groups from across the US performed and contributed work. Shakespace's 2nd CD , 'Air Sign Orange' (released in late 2000 on Indianapolis' HCNL Records) recorded in DC, had a more edgy, art rock feel. This album introduced Josh Strawn on vocals/guitar. 'This Sleeping Heart' was Shakespace's last full-length offering, released in early 2002 .The drumming was in the hands of Brookes Beistel, and Ksine produced. The album emerged as dark experimental-pop.The final track was appropriately called 'Goodbye Lullaby'.

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