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Bullet (7)

Члены группы Bullet (7): Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Parker, Barry Morgan, Frank Ricotti, Les Hurdle

Дискография Bullet (7):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Hanged Man Rehung 5 audio iTunes 1998-00-00 D.C. Recordings
2 The Hanged Man 14 audio iTunes 1998 D.C. Recordings
3 The Hanged Man 14 audio iTunes 1998 D.C. Recordings
4 The Hanged Man 14 audio iTunes 1975 Contour
5 Hanged Man 4 audio iTunes 1975 Polydor
6 Hanged Man 2 audio iTunes 1975 Polydor
7 The Hanged Man 14 audio iTunes 2007 Contour

Bullet is the band with the performer credits for 'The Hanged Man' soundtrack. The music for this soundtrack was composed by Alan Tew and all cuts were taken (and re-edited) from two library records from the Themes International imprint (Drama Suite I & II). The members of Bullet were session players (for KPM and Themes International): Les Hurdle (bass), Barry Morgan (drums), Alan Parker (Guitar), Frank Ricotti (percussion) and Alan Hawkshaw (keyboards) with additional members of the Max Greger Orchestra (brass and reeds). The score for 'The Hanged Man' (their only long player as Bullet) was recorded in Munich, Germany.

Комментарии о Bullet (7):