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Rainer M. Ehrhardt

Rainer Maria Ehrhardt

Также известно как: E. Ehrhardt, Ehrhardt, R. Ehradt, R. Ehrhardt, R. Erhardt, R. M. Ehrhardt, R. M. Erhardt, R.M. Ehrhardt, Rainer Ehrhard, Rainer Ehrhardt, Rainer M. Ehrhart, Rainer Maria Ehrhardt, Reiner Erhard, RM. Ehrhardt
Группа в интернете: http://www.rme.de

Дискография Rainer M. Ehrhardt:

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Producer, composer, broadcaster, journalist, presenter and actor (born February 14, 1948). Has worked in the music industry ([l3072], [l6800] and also with [a76398]) as well as with German radio stations. He runs his own studio for voice productions such as radio spots and voice overs for TV spots. He is also active as semi professional actor in small, local theatres.

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