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Khris Kellow

Также известно как: 2, 3, Chris "Kool" Kellow, K. Kellow, Kellow, Khristopher Kellow, Kris Kellow
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/kellowk

Дискография Khris Kellow:

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[b]Soul - boogie keyboardist - producer - composer[/b] He contributed on various productions by [a54795] and [a=Mic Murphy] from [a13783], including the group [a65411] which he was part of. He appeared briefly with The System in the movie "Beat Streat" at an auditioning scene performing the group's song "Baptize The Beat." Around 2003 he recorded the tracks "Girl I Need Your Love" and "Let's Just Give It Some Time" for the compilation/sampler "Soul Japan Presents: Family Snapshots."

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