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David Was

David Jay Weiss

Также известно как: D. Was, D. Weiss, Dave Was, David, David "Michigan-Boy Snake" Was, David St. Was, Ddavid Was, Was, Wass

Дискография David Was:

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Since forming the band Was (Not Was) with partner Don Was in 1980, David Was has pursued many avenues in the music business - as a songwriter, producer, music supervisor and composer for film and television. Since going on hiatus in 1992, David Was has produced albums for Rickie Lee Jones, Bob Dylan, The Holly Cole Trio, the MC5's Wayne Kramer, as well as soundtrack albums for "American Werewolf in Paris," The "X-Files" and "The Big Tease." For television, he scored music for CBS' "Education of Max Bickford" and ABC's "That Was Then". Was' clients for commercial music includes names like Microsoft, Acura, Canon, Infiniti, Toyota, Nike and Budweiser. His songwriting collaborations over the years have resulted in copyrights with Iggy Pop, Bob Dylan, Marshall Crenshaw and Bonnie Raitt.

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