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Smokey (2)

Jawaan Peacock

Также известно как: Jawan
Группа в интернете: http://smokedigglera.com, http://myspace.com/smokedigglera, http://facebook.com/smokedigglera, http://youtube.com/smokedigglera, http://twitter.com/smokedigglera, http://ilike.com/artist/Smoke+E.+Digglera

Дискография Smokey (2):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 What The Girls Like 6 audio iTunes 2012 PM Recordings

Smoke E. Digglera was born in Louisville, Kentucky and began singing at the age of five. During his early years, he sang at home, in church and in school productions. His style evolved through the study of other artists' musical and vocal styles. In the industry for over 13 years, Smoke E. Digglera is a an R&B artist / producer, who blends traditional Rhythm & Blues with elements of pop, hip-hop, jazz and the Motown Sound. In the mid 1990's, Smoke E. Digglera (then named "Smokey") was a member of the R&B group, [a=Playa], who got their big break when they were discovered by platinum-selling R&B group [a=Jodeci] after singing backstage for Jodeci at a show. Under the guidance of Jodeci producer [a=DeVante Swing], Playa was a part of production / singing / writing collective dubbed "Da Bassment" whose members included Grammy Award-winning artists [a=Missy Elliott] and [a=Timbaland]. During his time with Playa, he worked with several major industry artists, including [a=Al Green], [a=Kanye West] and [a=Teddy Riley], which helped to further evolve his vocal style. Smoke E. Digglera has been working on solo material for a couple of years and is preparing a new release for 2010. The new disc, entitled "Undeniable", includes a lead single entitled "Wiggle".

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