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Kayo Shekoni

Kayode Maria Söderberg Shekoni

Также известно как: Kayo, Kayode Shekoni
Группа в интернете: http://www.kayo.se/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kayo_Shekoni

Дискография Kayo Shekoni:

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Kayode Maria Söderberg Shekoni (born 17 April 1964), better known as Kayo Shekoni, or just Kayo, is a Swedish pop/dance singer, TV personality and actress of Nigerian descent. Kayo has been working with a lot of things, in the 80´s was she a big star in Sweden when she got a smash hit with "Vill Ha Dig", with the group [a=Free Style (2)]. Kayo left the group in 1981. She then worked as a backup singer and dancer for various Swedish artists such as The Creeps and Anders Glenmark. She is a classically trained ballet dancer and performed professionally for many years. She has done four solo albums, the first came 1990, named "Kayo - The Album", it was one of the first CD´s with dance music. 1993 came "Kärleksland, 1996, "Out There" was a album with world music, 1997 "Le Click feat. Kayo, only released in the USA. Kayo had the leading part in the Swedish movie named "Pillertrillaren" in 1994. Between 1994-1996 was she one of the leaders in the TV-show "Fångarna På Fortet". At the end of 1996 she moved to the USA and became a "Housestar". In the year 2000 she meet Blossom and together with Gladys they starred with [a=Afro-Dite], they did shows with music from the 70´s. Today she works as a skin therapist and but also takes on showbiz assignments. In spring 2010 she performed at the Melodifestivalen, not as a competitor, but performing a medley of past winning songs with several previous winners. In 2010 the co-hosted pan-Scandinavian TV-show Inför Eurovision Song Contest 2010, series of four episodes, analyzing all the competing songs submitted to that year's Eurovision Song Contest. She also works as a DJ, co-runs a night club and performs with disco & cocktailjazz band Cotton Club and Afro-Dite.

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