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Silvio Tancredi

Silvio Tancredi

Также известно как: P. Tancredi, S. Tancredi, S. Tancredit, Silvio Tancerdi, Silvio Tangredi, Tancredi

Дискография Silvio Tancredi:

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American Disco & House producer, DJ, Guitarist, also founder of [l=Northcott Productions Ltd.] (born 8th Nov., 1957, died 20 Oct., 2009). Seminal figure in the N.Y. dance scene, involved in many ways in the disco and house music underground, started his career at a very young age as a guitarist after graduating high school and completing an internship at [l=Swan Song Records] (Led Zeppelin's record company) he then went onto become a record producer as well as an accomplished guitarist, contracted by [l=Atlantic Records]. producing several albums ([a=Simbora Orchestra], [a=Wonder Band, The], [a=Herbie Mann], [a=Jeremy Spencer]), collaborating with such producers, vocalist and musicians as [a=Dean Parrish], [a=Bob Clearmountain], [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/30007-Brecker-Brothers-The] The Brecker Brothers[/url], [a=Gwen Guthrie], [a=Claudio Simonetti], to name a few. In 1979 He founded Northcott Productions Ltd. (NCP), a privately held independent music production & distribution company with several labels (25west, 4th Floor, Sub-Urban and Ex). that later would vertically integrate itself in many aspects of the music business as an icon of the dance music. In 1983 [a=Tommy Musto] joined and eventually became half owner of Northcott and developed some of the hottest dance music as well as artists that to this day are played by dj's worldwide. NCP has numerous successful artist, producers and retains a publishing and master recording catalog of over 600 titles.

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