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Также известно как: Snaggapuss, Snaggle Puss, Snaglepuss
Группа в интернете: https://twitter.com/SNAGGAPUSSs, www.youtube.com/snaggdadon, https://www.myspace.com/snaggdadon

Дискография Snagglepuss:

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Snagglepuss, the Bronx based rapper, is known for vocally imitating the style of the cartoon character also known as Snagglepuss, a Hanna-Barbera pink mountain lion appearing in the Quick Draw McGraw and Yogi Bear series. The vocal styling is somewhat reminiscent of the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz but not the same. Starting off as an underground rapper and eventually joining DJ Doo Wop's BounceSquad, Snagglepuss now adopting the name of Snaggadon, has kept a low profile since the mid to late 90's. His last known album was "The Lost Chronicles of Snaggapus." Snaggadon aka Snagglepuss should not be confused with the Jamaican DJ Snagga Puss.

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