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Khayree Shaheed

Также известно как: K. Shaheed, K.Shaheed, Khary Shaheed, Khayree Shaheed
Группа в интернете: http://www.youngblackbrotha.com/template.php?page=khayree

Дискография Khayree:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 It's Rainin Game 4 audio iTunes 1997 Young Black Brotha Records
2 The Blackalation 16 audio iTunes 1997 Young Black Brotha Records
3 Hubba Head 2 audio iTunes 1983 $ Big Bank Record$
4 The Blackalation 16 audio iTunes 2006 Young Black Brotha Records

Khayree is a Bay Area Producer who has produced for such artists as [a=Mac Dre], [a=Mac Mall] and [a=Young Lay]. He produced most of Young Lay's album "Black N' Dangerous", the track "Got 2 Survive" being one of the most prominent because it features such bay area rappers as [a=Ray Luv], Mac Mall, and [a=2Pac]. Khayree Shaheed- Musician/Writer/ Producer/ and now filmmaker Khayree Shaheed was born and raised in Vallejo California. Khayree started playing the Bass guitar at 16, by time he was 23 years old he had produced and released his 1st record.From here he would go on to work with En Vogue co- writer on the song ‘Lies’, Tupac Shakur on the song ‘Got to Survive’, he co wrote and produced ‘All About my $Fetti’ on the Spike Lee film soundtrack ‘New Jersey Drive’ produced and played all of Mac Dres early hits 1989-1997 such as ‘Too Hard for The Radio’ & ‘California Livin. Khayree’s music has given birth to a loyal following, which has now spanned two generations. When you hear songs like Mac Malls ‘Sic Wit Tis’ Young Lay ‘All About my $Fetti’, Ray Luv ‘Forever Hustlin’ or Mac Dre ‘California Livin’, you are hearing Khayree. In 1997 he released his own Album The Blackalation ' The World Is Yours'. He has made music for 5 films, including Spike Lees, New Jersey Drive, The award winning documentary Go Tigers, Tongues Un-tied by Marlon Riggs, Live Nude Girls Unite, and Penitentiary 3. Khayree also co-wrote an autobiography in the format of an oral history, and filmed documentaries. Khayree is 1st and foremost a musician; he plays bass guitar, guitar and piano/keys. Khayree is a songwriter and Producer of both Hip Hop and Soul music, film scores, etc. He grew up during the times of Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Stevie and Sly Stone, but he was also right on time for Grand Master Flash, Run DMC, NWA and Public Enemy. Khayree states, "My taste in music is broad hence the music I’m blessed to make is varied."One of the unique qualities of Khayree is he plays everything live ' no samples' just very soulful, beautiful bold, and at times aggressive music.

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