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Avatars, The

Члены группы Avatars, The: Code:Breaker

Дискография Avatars, The:

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South London based production team, THE AVATARS comprise of studio partners G.File and Code:BREAKER. Producer and pro-tools wizard G.File creates distinctive, progressive and tough beats encompassing a wide range of music genres fused together in a new style hip hop flavour. Vocalist and co-producer Code:BREAKER adds to the mix a unique blend of straight-up banging production, mcing, singing and rapping, culled from 10 years of experience of the UK drum and bass scene, and 3 years on the UK Hip-Hop Scene. The Avatars are flying the flag for the UK, bringing a distinctly british sound drawn from drum and bass, breakbeat, reggae and hip-hop, which strikes a refreshingly 'un-bling' note amongst the sea of image and imitation. Teaming up with guest rappers, singers and musicians, The Avatars also show a flare for embracing different styles, whilst never losing sight of their own. The Avatars are a serious driving force in a new era of hip-hop music, stomping a size twelve on americam imitations, and striding out of the pop-fuelled darkness with a fresh vibrant sound for the open-minded.

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