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DJ Bassdriver

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Группа в интернете: www.facebook.com/revived2010

Дискография DJ Bassdriver:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Living Without You / Feels Like Heaven 2 audio iTunes 1997-01-00

Best known as a dj and producer in the UK 'rave scene' of the mid to late 90's. Played all over the the UK alongside his MC - Lee [a=Jester (20)] Watson - at nights including Ard Shokk, Vibealite, Hysteria, Dance Planet and Asylum (Bowlers, Manchester). Also made a number of tunes as part of Sensi-tize (with Mark Hatsell and Dan Hill) and with qUANGO (Jonny Williams) and was signed to Kniteforce off-shoot label Knitebreed. Family and work commitments around the turn of the millenium saw Bassdriver move into the mainstream clubscene and start playing closer to home - holding residencies at Passion in Kendal (1999 to 2001); Martinis in Barrow (2001 to 2002) and Buffers in Ulverston (2002 to 2007). Nowadays family life, day job and the fact that he's getting past it and can't stay awake until 4.30am (!) mean that he doesn't appear behind the decks in 'clubland' quite as much as he used to. But if there's a gig worth playing at he's always up for it. Early in 2010, along with old friend Matt Fear, Bassdriver decided it was time put his home town's (Barrow-in-Furness) clubscene back on the map and promoted the first of their RE-ViVED oldskool events ( www.facebook.com/revived2010 ) which to-date have seen sell out parties featuring Stu Allan and Sy with more to follow. For more details on Bassdriver check out... http://www.mattfearandbassdriver.co.uk

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