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Beatriz Ferreyra

Также известно как: Ferreyra
Группа в интернете: http://www.imeb.net/MFLi/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=141&Itemid=194#english, http://www.electrocd.com/en/bio/ferreyra_be

Дискография Beatriz Ferreyra:

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Beatriz Ferreyra (1937, Córdoba, Argentina) is an Argentinian composer. Ferreyra studied music in Paris with [a=Nadia Boulanger] (1962) and with [a=Edgardo Canton] (GRM in France, RAI in Italy, 1963). She worked at [a=Groupe de recherches musicales] (GRM) from 1963 to 1970, where she participated in the production of recordings for [a=Pierre Schaeffer]’s Solfège de l’objet sonore (1967). She had an educational function during GRM training periods and gave lectures at the courses in Conservatoire national de musique de Paris. Since 1970, she has been working as a free composer. She also worked upon instrumental researches in collaboration with [a=Bernard Baschet] on his Structures sonores (1970). In 1975, she became member of Collège des compositeurs created by the Groupe de musique expérimentale de Bourges (GMEB). She worked at Dartmouth College in Hanover, USA (1976) and realized music for musicotherapy (1973-77). More recently (1998), she curated a serie of musique concrète concerts at Centre d’études et de recherches Pierre Schaeffer in Montbelliard, France.

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