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MC Biggie

Дискография MC Biggie:

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Honing his skills on the Birmingham based sound system Ruff Intention, chatting to Ragga, Hip Hop and Soul, it wasnt long before Biggie caught the Drum & Bass bug and began working with fellow Ruff Intention member DJ Devize on Kool FM (Birmingham). Here he got the chance to work alongside MC Moose, Dynamite, Twisted Individual, Surge as well as a host of other well respected MCs and DJs. His close associations with Formation Records, Technique Recordings, Back 2 Basics, 3D Mode and his ever busy diary ate testament to his ability. Having graced the mic at all the major events in the UK such as Accelerated Culture, One Nation, Slammin' Vinyl and more, Biggie has also found himself in some far flung corners of the globe with a MIC in his hand. Shows in Russia, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia and more have gained him fans far beyond his UK base. Also his recent tour of USA and Canada with Zen, along with appearances at the World of Drum & Bass at WMC has given him many admirers. Excursions with Twisted Individual and Devize onto vinyl have also signalled that Biggie has things to say outside the raves.

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