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Члены группы Basczax: Alan Cornforth, John Hodgson, Mick Todd
Группа в интернете: http://www.basczax.com/

Дискография Basczax:

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Basczax were a British post-punk band that was formed in Redcar in August 1978. The musicians were : [a=Mick Todd] (bass), [a=Jeff Fogarty] (saxophone), [a=Alan Savage (2)] (guitar, vocals), both members of member of [a=Flaming Mussolinis, The] Plus Nigel Trenchard (keyboards), Cog (drums) both later replaced by [a=John Hodgson] (keyboards), [a=Alan Cornforth] (drums), both from [a=Blitzkrieg Bop] In February 2010, four members from the 1979-80 line-up (Alan Savage, Jeff Fogarty, John Hodgson & Mick Todd) started to record and released a digital album entitled This Machine Rocks was released on 1 September 2010.

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