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Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/rodentlaura, http://www.laurarodent.com

Дискография Rodent:

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Rodent is a czech producer and he was also the editor of Bassline magazine. He has been producing music since 1994 and presenting live music performance since 1998. Rodent’s “Intergalactic Hunter” was released at Anthony Rother’s label Datapunk in 2004. He is member of Rodent & Laura electronic band which consist of two members (Laura: programming, vox / Rodent: programming, drums). You can simply called their music electronica with influences of electro, EBM, IDM, punk a ambient. The pair released album “Crush Body” on Stalking Records in 2006. The album featuring special guests who added new elements to the electronic music.The duo cooperated with opera solist Hana Peckova and composer of classical music Jan Czerny.

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