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Ron Ruedisueli

Группа в интернете: http://www.z-t.nl

Дискография Teknologic:

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Ron Ruedisueli started to make music somewhere back in 1994 after he got a floppy disk with the software program Fasttracker. Being a huge lover of house music (especially Hardcore and Gabber) of course I went to try build that kind of music also. The next few years were not more than learning the techniques and stuff around music. Running this all on a shitty old computer it didn't result in much special at all. Somewhere back in 1997/1998 I got my hands on a new, more improved and faster computer. From this moment my tracks started to sound more and more seriously and done several internet productions for different music websites and which I had a few of myself. It continues this way untill early 2000 when I decided to stop being active on internet because I wanted to do more with my music, like sending a demo cd to some record labels which worked out into nothing after all. Finally in 2003 after a friend and I joined a producers contest with a track of our self, we won the contest. The price for the track that won the contest would be, when it was good enough it would be pressed on vinyl from a the new record label [l=Zero Tolerance], run by one of the jury members and who realized this price for the contest, [a=DJ Niel]. After I got in contact with him about the release and shown him some more tracks he asked me to send him a demo, so he could be able to listen the tracks nice and easy at the studio. whitin a few weeks I got a record deal for my first release [r=248406] which contains three tracks by myself and one together with [a=DJ Endemic].

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