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Max Corbacho

Группа в интернете: http://www.maxcorbacho.com/, http://www.ad21music.com/

Дискография Max Corbacho:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Nocturnal Emanations 8 audio iTunes 2003 Space For Music
2 The Resonant Memory Of Earth 4 audio iTunes 2002-02-00 Space For Music
3 Far Beyond The Immobile Point 7 audio iTunes 2000 MP3.com
4 Vestiges 7 audio iTunes 1998 Free Records (2)
5 Moontribe 6 audio iTunes 2004 AD21 Music
6 Indalo 7 audio iTunes 2003 AD21 Music
7 BreathStream 7 audio iTunes 2008-12-00 AD21 Music
8 Ars Lucis 7 audio iTunes 2009-11-01 AD21 Music
9 BreathStream 7 audio iTunes 2009-11-01 AD21 Music
10 The Resonant Memory Of Earth 4 audio iTunes 2009-11-01 AD21 Music
11 Deep Time 3 audio iTunes 2010-12-22 AD21 Music
12 Deep Time 3 audio iTunes 2010-12-22 AD21 Music
13 BIOMA 3 audio iTunes 2011-11-25 AD21 Music

Ambient atmospheric space musician based in Barcelona, Spain. Max Corbacho is an independent artist born in the southwest of Spain, in the province of Badajoz. This enormous land sprinkled of oaks where he was born and he spent the first years of his life, is perhaps the deeper track than marks his music. Starred nights of summer, the caress of the nocturnal breeze, the sedative song of the crickets, immense horizons, deeply blue skies, and silence. The extremely dense and hypnotic sonic landscapes of Max Corbacho are a constant reference to these elements, elements which condense and act as catalysts, pointing to the essence of the great and ineffable mystery of our existence. Corbacho's s musical expression has the ability to enter us in this wonderful mystery. Since the 1998 debut "Vestiges", Max has without a doubt showcased an alluring, spiritual beauty at the core of each of his recordings, with a sense of reverence, emotional presence and deep feeling that express their visionary experience of sonic architecture. Max Corbacho's last albums follows the progression into deep, silken ambience set by The Resonant Memory of Earth and The Talisman: Breathstream and Ars Lucis deepen in the search of sublime melody-free magnificence, ethereal electronics and vaporous textures. Max has also worked in close collaboration with Argentine musician (settled now in Barcelona) Bruno Sanfilippo, releasing a CD together and setting up the record label "ad21music".

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