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Lono Brazil

Также известно как: L.O, Lo, Plan Be, The
Группа в интернете: http://www.lonobrazil.com

Дискография L.O.:

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Chicago native and Chicago, Los Angeles and New York resident, TURP MUSIC GROUP™ Founder Lono Brazil a former Executive at Capitol/EMI Records, is better known in the music industry in Hip-Hop & R&B circles as an Executive Producer/Artist Manager/Consultant launching the careers or working with artist such as The Beastie Boys, DJ Hurricane, The Pharcyde, Grammy Award Winning Vocalist LV, Foxy Brown, Kool Keith, Pete Rock & Loose Ends, Adriana Evans, Channel Live, Spragga Benz, Portrait, Spearhead, Shafiq Husayn(SA-RA Creative Partners), Ras Kass, Rico From The Alcoholik's, The The Twilite Tone, Mikalie Jamison, Faith Evans to name a few. As a executive, Mr. Brazil is a well respected record label consultant, marketing/promotion product placement and artist development specialist working with labels like LOUD RECORDS, ISLAND, GEE-STREET,PMP RECORDS, RESTLESS RECORDS, RCA, UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP, BLUE NOTE, UPTOWN RECORDS,TOMMY BOY & DEF JAM.

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