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Ice Cold

Rusty Cundieff

Дискография Ice Cold:

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Ice Cold was the lead member of the fictional rap group Niggaz With Hats. Ice Cold first started off on his own selling his single "My Peanuts" (a parody of Run-DMC's "My Adidas) out the back of his trunk in the 80's. He soon joined up with Tasty Taste and Tone Def to form N.W.H. Not only did Ice Cold write about gangsta and sexual themes with the group, he also included subtle underlying political messages in each song. With N.W.H.'s popularity, Ice Cold's career also blew up including a role in a feature film as an undercover cop (a la Ice-T in New Jack City). Eventually Niggaz With Hats broke up after rivalrying egos got in the way. Ice Cold went on to release solo tracks including the mainstream hit "Come And Pet The P.U.S.S.Y" (a play off of Snap's "I Got The Power"). Rusty Cundieff is best known outside of music as a director, film writer, and actor. Apart from Fear Of A Black Hat (which he single-handedly put out), Rusty also directed Tales From The Hood, Sprung, and several episodes from the Dave Chappelle Show. Rusty Cundieff is the only member of N.W.H. who released a real rap song, "Ice Froggy Frog" in 1994. Suprisingly, the song even had a music video that recievied moderate air play.

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