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Niggaz With Hats

Rusty Cundieff (Ice Cold), Larry B. Scott (Tasty Taste), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Tone Def)

Члены группы Niggaz With Hats: Ice Cold, Tasty Taste, Tone Def (2)

Дискография Niggaz With Hats:

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Niggaz With Hats are a fictional rap group that appeared in the motion picture Fear Of A Black Hat. This parody rap group parrallels N.W.A, Public Enemy, Ice-T's Body Count, and The 2 Live Crew. The group, known for constantly wearing outrageous hats, consists of lead rapper Ice Cold, hypeman Tasty Taste, and DJ Tone Def. After the release of the sexual-prowess "Booty Juice" and the socio-political "Guerillas In The Midst", the group released the album Fear Of A Black Hat and gained nationwide notoriety as the leading gangsta rap group. However financial and personal disputes lead to the break-up of N.W.H. The three members went solo and released various tracks before coming together to reunite N.W.H. and releasing "White Cops On Dope".

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