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Oliver Azor

Oliver Azor

Также известно как: Oliver
Группа в интернете: http://www.djoliver.com/

Дискография Oliver Azor:

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Oliver Azor born in Barcelona and resident in Ibiza is one most charismatics Dj's of the isle of Ibiza. Seven years working at the balearic Sound Cathedral Ku Ibiza presently called Privilege. Dj Oliver is the actual dj resident of Amnesia (Ibiza Dance) and of the best party held at the island called La Troya Asesina. His sets developes from House-Garage to the best Hard-House of the present time. Dj Oliver has become one of the best international djs of Spain after he has visited the best clubs and raves of Europe: Queen (Paris), Xs (Luxemburg), La Rocca (Belgium), Mec-cano (Italy), Dance Valley Festival (Amsterdam), Zoostack (Edimburg), Vintall (Helsinki)...

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