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Robert Hill

Robert Earl Hill

Также известно как: R. Hill, Rober Hill

Дискография Robert Hill:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл

Songwriter - producer - label owner Owner of old school hip-hop label [l=Zakia Records] Please consider using other artists named Robert Hill or Bob Hill [b][a=Robert Lee Hill][/b] a.k.a. [a=Pee Wee Hill]. Bassist - keyboardist - songwriter, member of disco funk acts [a=Thunderflash] and [a=Hill Bros.], brother of [a=Joe Hill (2)] [b][a=Robert Hill (2)][/b] U.K. Producer - songwriter - engineer - remixer - Associate of [a=Mekon] and [a=William Orbit]. Heavily involved in the brit trip hop scene since the early '90s [b][a=Robert Hill (3)][/b] U.S. Producer - programmer - engineer. Has worked with [l=E-Magine Entertainment] acts. Appearing active since 1998 [b][a=Robert Hill (4)][/b] '50s songwriter, mostly known for co-writing "Kiss Of Fire" along with [a=Lester Allen] [b][a=Robert Hill (5)][/b] U.K. indie rock guitarist - vocalist. Credited in '80's releases of [a=Arnold Incorporated, The] and [a=Chapter House, The] [b][a=Robert Hill (6)][/b] British clarinet player, has played for [a=Michael Thompson Wind Quintet]. [b][a=Robert Hill (8)][/b] Appearing as engineer in a metal 1999 [a=Agent Steel] release [b][a=Robert Hill (9)][/b] U.S. harpsichordist and musicologist, played with [a=Musica Antiqua Köln] [b][a=Robert Hill (10)][/b] Blues musician [b][a=Robert Hill (11)][/b] Appearing as recorder in a 1966 release of [l=Music Of The Middle Ages (2)] series. [b][a=Robert Hill (12)][/b] Early '60's northern soul songwriter [b][a=Robert Hill (13)][/b] Photographer [b][a=Rob Hill][/b] Guitarist - vocalist - producer engineer, active since 2004. Has worked with [a=Cypress Hill] and [a=Everlast] among others [b][a=Rob Hill (2)][/b] Producer - songwriter with the U.K. hard house act [a=Advent Project] - 2006 [b][a=Rob Hill (4)][/b] Vocalist with the power electronics indie duo [a=Shallow Waters] along with [a=Jeff Plummer] [b][a=Rob Hill (5)][/b] Drummer with australian goth - doom metal band [a=Eternal, The (2)] [b][a=Rob Hill (6)][/b] Appearing as co-writer of gospel song "May The Words" along with [a=Tim Hughes] in a 2008 [a=Neal Morse] release [b][a=DJ Rob Hill][/b] D.J. with the hip hop act [a=P.K.O.] [b][a=Robbie Hill][/b] Appearing as drummer with the funk soulsters [a=Wheedle's Groove] in a 2009 release [b][a=Bob Hill][/b] Rock pianist - vocalist Appearing credited in [a=Garfield (11)] and [a=Doc Watson]'s releases since mid-'70s. [b][a=Bob Hill (3)][/b] Guitarist with indie rock band [a=12 Point Buck] [b][a=Bob Hill (4)][/b] Arranged - conductor, appearing in mid-70s releases of [a=Maureen McGovern] [b][a=Bob Hill (5)][/b] '70s guitarist - vocalist with [a=Capital City Rockets] and [a=Godz, The (2)] [b][a=Bob Hill (6)][/b] Orchestra leader, appearring in a 1960 [a=Eileen Reid] release with [a=Bob Hill's Orchestra] [b][a=Bob Hill (7)][/b] Appearing as songwriter of "Blue Dreams" with [a=Orchester Robert Opratko] [b][a=Bob Hill (8)][/b] Appearing as engineer in a 1983 disco funk [a=Ball Players] release [b][a=Bob Hill (9)][/b] Mastering engineer of the early '70s, a.k.a. [a=Bobil], [a=Hiltop] [b][a=Bob Hill (10)][/b] Surf - rockabilly artist, duet with [a=Johnny Skiles] [b][a=Bob Hill (11)][/b] Bassist with folk rock act [a=John And Philipa Cooper] [b][a=Bob Hill (12)][/b] Country artist, credited for a single with [a=Spring Valley Boys, The] [b][a=Bob Hill (13)][/b] Appearing as engineer in a 1983 release of hardcore punks [a=Manson Youth (2)]

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