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Gene Crazed

Eugenio Cicconetti

Также известно как: 'Gene The Wonder Guy, Gene Crazed & His Nervous Guitar, Gene Crazed And His Guitar, Gene Crazed The One Man Band, Wild Gene Crazed
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/genecrazed

Дискография Gene Crazed:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Primitive Rockabilly Sound Of... 4 audio iTunes 1996 Crazed Bop Records
2 Greased Ghoul Rock 22 audio iTunes 2006 Crazed Bop Records
3 Rockin' Cat 8 audio iTunes Crazed Bop Records
4 Juke Joint For Alphamonic 15 audio iTunes 2002 AlphaMonic Tapes

Gene Crazed was born in Foggia (South Italy) on march 1972. When he was 14 he started playing in his first band called "Southern Kids", inspired by Hasil Adkins, Ron Haydock, Eddie Cochran, Nervous Norvus and some other primitive and underground rockers. At the same time, Gene started performing as one man band all over the place (festivals, clubs, bars, parties...). Afterwards he created new bands as "Kronos Postmortem" (Garage Psychobilly) in 1989/1990, "Superargos" (the first Italian Wrestling Masked Trash'n'Roll band) in 1993 which released 2 demos and a 45 rpm-ep, "The Petrifieds" (Surf-Instr-Horror band inspired by 50's and 60's horror soundtracks) which released 2 demos and a 45 rpm "Warning! Monster". In 2003 he founded "The Pink Coffins", a pure psychobilly band influenced by 50's and 60's B-Movies. Up to now, Gene has recorded close to 300 songs, even if he released just some demo-tapes and a 45 rpm "Rockabilly Spooky" in 1996. Finally, in 2006, Gene Crazed released his first complete album "Greased Ghoul Rock", 22 tracks of raw, primitive, acoustic and homemade Rockabilly.

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